Project: Indonesia boarding school

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Project: Indonesia boarding school

The project that helped form Faithfully Completed is our work in Indonesia with the boarding school. We currently provide monthly financial support to this boarding school, we have donated a suitcase of supplies (clothes, school supplies, toys), and supported trips to have these supplies delivered.

The couple who runs the boarding school started with the intention of starting a school to teach children and teens Biblical principals of the Christian faith. After they started, things changed a bit when they started finding children who were abandoned on the streets. They took them in, fed them, and gave them a place to stay. They found out that these children on the streets were either abandoned by their parents or were sold for sex trafficking. They range in age between 6-18+. Some of these children have been through such terrible situations that they refuse to even talk about it.

They have continued to give these children a place to stay, feed them, and have legally adopted many of them. They pay their school fees and school supplies to go to public school. They currently have 24 children. The number fluctuates a bit because some parents have come back for their kids, and a few of the children have reached the age to go on to higher education.

Many of these sort of schools in Indonesia put the children out on their own at the age of 18, but this is not the case here. They are committed to seeing these young adults go to college or a trade school and avoid sliding into poverty. Currently some young adults are in nursing school, farming school, or in college.

Our goals with this project are to do the following:

  • Provide financial support to help pay for school fees for all of the children.
  • Provide support for the young adults to go to college. College costs less than $100/month per student and is a way for them to step up to a better life.
  • Develop and expand the school’s farming. Currently the couple who runs the school grows a portion of their food to eat and sells a portion of their crops to generate money to run the school.
  • Develop business relationships in the area and abroad to create sustainable and recurring sources of income for the school.

We appreciate your support in helping us reach these goals! Consider a donation today.

Project: Fill an Empty Suitcase

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Project: Fill an Empty Suitcase

We had a friend traveling to Indonesia and we were able to coordinate the delivery of a suitcase to the boarding school we support.  What a fun project!

We had 4 categories of items that that we wanted to send:

  • School supplies
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Treats!

One challenge we had was to find things that wouldn’t melt in the heat. We were able to purchase a bunch of school supplies, pencils, colored pencils, paper, and stickers. We purchased many new shirts, shorts and hair accessories. We put in two soccer balls along with an air pump, ballons, and hard candy.  We found weight was the biggest challenge, we were within a fraction of a pound of the weight limit.

We heard that everyone enjoyed opening the suitcase! It worked out so that all of the children received 1-2 clothing items, and everyone enjoyed the school supplies and candy. The soccer balls were a big hit as well, and they requested basketballs next time! We found out that the NBA is a very popular over there.

A big thank you to everyone who donated money or items to fill this suitcase!