Who is Faithfully Completed?

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Faithfully Completed is a Christian-based organization dedicated to meeting humanitarian needs across the globe. The vision of Faithfully Completed is to assist those people who are in dire need of help to get beyond their circumstances; circumstances of which they often have not had any control over.

We purpose to do this by establishing and strengthening programs around the world by providing financial, spiritual, and industrial support. There are many good programs across the globe, but they often lack the support to accomplish their full vision. We are here to be that support. Our purpose is to accomplish specific projects with the goal of fostering self sufficiency and to serve with excellence. We don’t want to just give handouts and create a dependency or short term fix. Said another way, instead of “giving a fish” we want to “teach how to fish”.

We have heard too often from the leaders of these programs that people will show up, make all kinds of promises of support, leave and never be heard from again. It is heartbreaking and discouraging for everyone involved. This is why we selected our name, we are here to see that the projects we take on are Faithfully Completed.

To date, Faithfully Completed has assisted orphanages and boarding schools with direct financial support, spiritual support, and the donation of goods. Faithfully Completed recently received 501(c)3 tax-exempt status in order to pursue and accomplish this mission on a much larger scale.

There is too much need and lack in the world to remain silent. We are here to foster self sufficiency to end global lack.